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Welcome to KKL Furniture!

Brand Story

Welcome to the official KKL Furniture online store.

Founded in 2017, KKL is a tech-enabled home furniture brand that integrates product development, manufacturing, digital operation, marketing, and after-sales support.

Our core brand value at heart is "Little Special Product, More Smile Home". We take "home" as center of attention, and dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly in making healthy, smart, comfortable and environmentally-friendly home furnishings for families around the world. We cultivate the brand loyalty that customers want.

Align with accurate VOC (Voice of Customer), we have made great strides in  operations, product research and development and continue to focus on investments to better improve the customer experience.

Relying on advanced and efficient furniture industry clusters and agile and powerful digital operation capabilities, the company provides its consumers with high-quality and affordable products, professional and considerate customer support, and an easy and convenient shopping experience. Our modern home life solutions gives the customers a better way of life.


Brand Slogan

Little Special Product, More Smile Home


Brand Conception:

We insist on the best products with the most realistic price, and only earn reasonable profits.


Product Development:

We have a wealth of independent industry database, can quickly tap the needs of users. We are at the forefront of the market, design to create the most suitable products for your.


After Service:

We have professional customer service and after-sales service, which can solve any of your worries;
If the product you received is missing parts, we will arrange a replacement for you immediately;
If the product is damaged in transit, we are willing to compensate you for the corresponding price;
If the product you received is damaged due to quality problems within one year, we promise to replace it with free shipping.


Contact Us

Please send an email to: service@kkl.com, if you have any questions or needs about products and services.
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